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About Need 2 Know.

Need 2 Know is an organisation which was established to protect children in our society through the provision of educational programmes in conjunction with Primary & Secondary schools.

Our aim is to build partnerships between the business sector and educational organisations and providers. It is our belief that in order to safeguard the society our children will grow up in, it is essential we take action today to provide them with a knowledge base from which to make informed choices on issues that create problems in our community today.

We are building partnerships with organisations in different areas of child welfare, to ensure that we can offer wide ranging and curriculum designed educational programmes that cover topics including Bullying, Drugs, Tobacco & Alcohol abuse, Anti-Social Behaviour, Fire Safety, First Aid and Road Safety.

We understand the importance of the educators in ensuring the message is delivered in a structured programme, and more importantly at an age that statistics have proven to be the most appropriate from an understanding and retention aspect, that being Key Stage 2, ages 7-11.

We place a huge emphasis on our relationship with schools and provide these programmes, free of charge to them. We can however, only do this with the help of the business community whom, by joining our programme can sponsor children and schools across the country.

We understand the business sector needs to see its support directed for the benefit of its local community, and with this in mind, an essential part of the programme requests that the business nominates a school into which the programme is placed.

Our feedback from schools and children tells us that the work we undertake is of great value and a vital addition to the school curriculum that would not be able to be funded through other sources.

We feel sure you can see the benefits to us all in educating today, tomorrow’s society and we urge you to join us in reaching as many children as possible.

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